When You Need To Apologize

There are times in life when you just need to say 'Sorry'. Here's what you need when you're ready to do so.

1. Your pride shredded up and thrown into a trash bin. Do not act proud. Do not try to make it seem like you were right. When apologizing, you need to let go of your pride and just hope that you'll be forgiven.

2. Sincerity. It won't matter what you say if you don't mean it. You can say all the most apologetic things in the universe, but no one will believe you or forgive you if you don't truly mean it from your heart.

3. A good vocabulary. Just saying, "I'm sorry" isn't going to be enough most of the time. You need to cover everything you did wrong, why it was wrong, and what you will do to fix it. Using big words makes it seem as though you put effort into your apology, and it is always the effort that counts.

4. Your head hung low. You did wrong, so lower your head to those you upset. Sometimes, you might even need to grovel to show how sincere you are in your apology. You cannot apologize when you act higher than those you are apologizing to.

5. A clear head. You can't process an apology while you have other things in your mind. Set your focus to apologizing, and apologizing only. You will provide create be able to create a tone in your apology that let's the person know you are indeed sorry.

These 5 things are things I had today when I wrote my apology in my first 'Things to Bring' article. I hope I am forgiven.