I mean seriously does everyone have a facebook.  Sure facebook was created as one of those social networking websites like MySpace. The only difference though was that Facebook was aimed and created for college students, but in reality it was clearly made by a guy as a resource to get us college guys laid. Come on you all know that's mainly why these websites are created for, but Facebook was aiming for exactly that.  Of course to not be too graphic it was labeled a dating site, a.k.a. a social networking website.
Now recently I have been noticing pretty much everyone having a Facebook. And I mean everyone. From the King of all media Howard Stern to my annoying fat district manager. Does Howard Stern or my district manager go to college, no, and should they get laid…well maybe Howard Stern, not so much my district manager (or maybe she does, could get rid of her temper).
For some reason though, as humans we always need to be with the newest trends and also tend to follow anything that's popular. Perhaps that's why people like Howard Stern have a Facebook, to be relevant to some of his college audience like me, or just for fun. Same with my district manager she's about 40 and married. Now why would she need a Facebook? Well perhaps it could be as I said earlier which was to just be in and follow this latest trend that her little slave workers are all doing.
    All in all we as humans will always follow any trend no matter what age. Just to be in. But seriously guys, leave this social networking web site for just us college students for once. I don't need my mom to create a facebook and see all the fun I have in college that I don't want her to see.