The change to a new city is difficult. I have recently picked up my entire life and moved it thousands of miles away. With this change, come fear and excitement, and a seemingly endless and overwhelming number of new tasks and responsibilities.

There is the search for an apartment. There is the purchase of a car, as well as insurance. There is the hunt for a new job, new friends, and simply the search for a sense of Home.

But in the midst of all of this stress and searching, there is one search that I was most stressed about: the search for Lost viewing buddies. It is with such caution that we answer the invitation to watch this magical show at a new friend's house. How will you tell them about the NO TALKING rules that must be in effect? How will you punish them if they fail to comply? Where will you bury the body?

Not to worry, my friends. For as I pulled up to my friend's house this evening, I noticed the house number on the front of his building:


And, I knew then that all was right with the world.

Here's what went down this week, in a homemade noose:

After Locke moves the island, he lands in Tunisia, where Widmore picks him up and tells him he needs to go back to the island so that an impending war can be won. Locke tries to collect everyone to bring them back. He fails and tries to kill himself. Ben stops him, but then murders him! Our new plane crash victims seem to have two leaders: The chick who had Sayid in custody (Ilana), and the dude who spoke to Jack at the ticket counter (Caesar). Locke tries to explain to them that he died.

Here's what we learn:

  1. Those of the Oceanic 6 who were on this new plane don't remember the crash because they didn't experience it. They time flashed to another time before the plane hit the ground.
  2. Peg Bundy died of an aneurism.
  3. Here's a weird thought: What if our islanders start to use the island like the cemetery in Pet Cemetery, and they bring back the bodies of their dead loved ones (Helen, Sayid's wife, Penny…c'mon, you know Ben killed her!) just to bring them back to life?
  4. Locke's "driver," our old friend Matthew, is killed. Ben kills him in an amazing murder/car crash scene.
  5. Watching John Locke break down is like seeing your parents cry.
  7. Finally, Walt's character has caught up with the actor who plays him. His age makes sense now that a few years have gone by. Also, Walt's still having crazy psychic powers. I bet he doesn't even need to study with powers like that!
  8. Sometimes the writers realize how much information they have asked us to remember, and they throw us a recap bone: "You know that I'm the orderly who told you to go on the walkabout."
  9. Is Widmore good? Or bad? We are so confused!!!
  10. Tunisia is a dumping ground for island defectors, kind of like the side of the New Jersey turnpike in "Being John Malkovich."
  11. Ben kills Locke? WTF. Is this because he knows he'll come back to life?
  12. Why do both Widmore and Ben want Locke to bring everyone back?
  13. Widmore became the leader of the Others, but then he was exiled.
  14. If you kill and torture people in Iraq, you can make up for it by building houses for poor people in the Dominican Republic. Good to know. GOOD TO KNOW.