1. Honestly, at first you don't know who you'd root for in a fight against Star Wars nerds and emo kids, but it becomes unbelievably clear very quickly: Star Wars nerds. Check it out
  2. Something about a briefcase that can shoot bullets really scares me. It's probably the bullet aspect. I'm not afraid of regular briefcases. Check it out
  3. I challenge anyone to find something cuter than this laughing baby. I was going to get a vasectomy until I saw this video. Check it out
  4. Why do we love seeing celebrities nipple slips? I think it's because it's like seeing a hot girl who you don't talk to naked. Check it out
  5. 6 legs and two vagina? Coupled with yesterday's movie trailer I'd say sheep are having a pretty awesome week. Check it out
Awesome Updates
Justin's response To Alice's Guide to the female anatomy. Read it here.

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Flava Flav, eat your heart out.