By now everyone has seen the infamous snuggie commercial. Maybe you even own a snuggie. I urge you to return it. Snuggies are clearly for wizards.
Some of the world's most famous wizards wear snuggies as a sign of their power.
If everyone starts wearing snuggies how will we know who's wrath to incur and who's wrath not to incur?
Here are some famous wizards that will be pissed off if they catch you wearing a snuggie:



Gandalf the Grey/White


Gandalf is a known purveyor of snuggies. He had a grey one and whipped Saruman to take his white snuggie. What will he do if he finds you in a purple or teal one? Probably not give you a ride on his eagles, that's for damn sure.






Obi-Wan spent years in the deserts of Tatooine chasing around and laying force smack downs on the original snuggie posers: sand people. Do you want to be like the sand people? The worst.





Black Mage from Final Fantasy


Black Mage is old school and goes for the 8-bit snuggie. He thinks white people wearing snuggies are 'wuggies.' Black mage rage!



Orko from He-Man


Orko will be pissed but he is only a minor concern because his spell will probably backfire and turn himself into an eggplant.





The Pope


The pope is the holiest snuggie wearer. If he catches you at your kid's soccer game wearing one he will run you down in the pope-mobile and excommunicate you. You think I'm kidding? Ask the Arabs. The Crusades were about snuggies.




Alvin, Simon and Theodore

Ok, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are not wizards. They are chipmunks. Simon is kind of a wizard, he likes chemistry. Regardless, they have a muli-platinum band. I'm not going to tell Bono or Bon Jovi they can't wear a snuggie either if they want to.

So in conclusion, return your snuggie immediately. You never know when you'll come across a real wizard and they will challenge you to a wizard's duel.

What will you do then? You will pee your snuggie, and then the other wizard will turn into a virus and go inside you and make you sick – that's what will happen.