CollegeHumor isn't just the #1 resource online for college debauchery; we also sponsor a nation-wide invention contest for kids between 6 and 10 years old. The submissions are in and we've selected six nominees, now it's time for you guys to pick a winner. The inventor that receives the most votes will receive a one million dollar grant to help make his dream a reality. In addition, he (or she, I guess) will receive a driver's license at the age of 13.

And the nominees are…

The UpSlide – A Slide That Goes Up
by Sarah L., age 7

TV Book – A book that's TV
by Mark S., age 6

Pretend Beer for Daddy
by anonymous

Playstation 9
by Stephen I., age 9

by Tommy R., age 6

French Fry Scooter – A motor scooter that produces french fries instead of exhaust
by Ben, age 8

This poll is no longer active.