[picture:1898974|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=If America could be represented by a single image, this would be it. And there's nothing I want more hanging above my bed than George Washington on top of a triceratops.]

[picture:1899614|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Six months ago: "Ugh, I need a beer.."]

[picture:1900063|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Three little boys went up to this girl throughout the day and asked to borrow her pool floaties.]

[picture:1901112|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Imagine how adorable their adventures must be!]

[picture:1899064|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=There'sdefinitely some really, really weird stuff going on in that bombshelter. I'm also sure there's a video somewhere on the internet of itgoing down.]

[picture:1899526|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption="Yo, what happened to the two zeros at the end of this strange 100 dollar bill?"]

[picture:1901425|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=Oh God Oh God Oh God!]

[picture:1899730|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=The core is a tennis ball sized sphere of pure ice.]

[picture:1900181|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=You can lead a horse to water, but it might just get stuck in a tree.]

[picture:1898317|size=full|border=1|align=center|caption=This may be the sexiest college girl alive. If you don't think so prove us wrong and send in something better. We dare you!]