Dave: Bro, how crazy was last night?

Jimmy: It was nuts as balls, dude. I had no idea you could drink that much.

Dave: Fourteen Ecto Coolers in one night. I was blitzed out of my skull.

Jimmy: Oh man, you probably don't remember then…

Dave: Remember what?

Jimmy: That chick you hooked up with at the club.

Dave: What club?

Jimmy: Chuck E. Cheese.

Dave: I hooked up with someone at The Cheese!?

Jimmy: Yeah dude, that Jenny chick. The slutty one.

Dave: No way bro.

Jimmy: You two were holding hands in the ball pit like all night. You should get yourself tested, man.

Dave: I didn't use protection?

Jimmy: Nah, you had already taken off your mittens by that point. You were bare-handing it.

Dave: Sh*t. I'd better stop by Billy's after class and get a cootie shot.

Jimmy: Good call. I'll probably need one too after this afternoon.

Dave: Seriously, sleeping with all these chicks cannot be safe.

Jimmy: Fun as hell though.

Dave: Nap time is the best.