Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 – Not every crashed plane gets to land on Mystery Island and have infinite DHARMA-brand food. Little known fact: most plane crashes tend to be not awesome and mysterious.

Derweze – Also known as the "Door to Hell." Too bad whenever God opens a door to Hell, he closes a window to Heaven.

Lonesome George – The last surviving tortoise of its kind. The rest of his brothers went off to the sewers of NYC, where they were exposed to a vial of ooze, and all died of massive brain tumors.

11th Millenium and Beyond – I really hope I die before I'm 600 million years old.

Indiana Pi Bill – Indiana tried to make pi equal to 3.2 through legislation. I've never been prouder to be a Hoosier who thinks "math" and "facts" are a little too elitist.

Dancing Plague of 1518 – The inspiration for the next big Weird Al single, "Gettin' Down With the Sickness."

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