Rorschach's Journal October 16, 1985
Told Nightowl that Comedian's blood on pin was human bean juice. ha ha. You still got it Rorschach, you still got it.

Rorschach's Jounral October 20, 1985
Closed my eyes when talking to Manhattan today. He makes me feel uncomfortable. Will give him pair of boxers if he wants. Silk Spectre looks really hot. Would try to tap that if possible.

Rorschach's Journal October 30, 1985
Was listening to latest Huey Lewis and the News album. Could not hear prostitute try to talk to me. Not a good album. Hip To Be Square only redeeming track.

Rorschach's Journal November 8, 1985
Midget threatened me today, obviously forgetting fact that he is a midget, and that I, while short, am not.

Rorschach's Journal November 15, 1985
Psychologist gives me rorschach test today to see if I can understand irony. I tell him about hitting child molesters with dead dogs. He maybe pees himself twice.

Rorschach's Journal November 18, 1985
Killed said midget with a toilet. Sends message to all midgets. I am not a fan.

Rorschach's Jounral November 20, 1985
Saw Nightowl getting smooth on Silk Spectre. Then saw Manhattan come and teleport her away. You dont just take another dude's lady like that. Not cool bro. Not cool.

Rorschach's Journal November 22 1985
Finally told Nightowl that his ship looks unwieldy and stupid and that naming it after Merlin's owl was a dumb idea. I hug him when I see that I made him cry. He tells me that he can't get it up without his costume on. It got really wierd really fast. Told him to keep that fact under wraps.

Rorschach's Journal December 1 1985
Should have accepted offer to get something warmer. Its the arctic and Im retarded.

Rorschach's Journal December 1 1985
Ozymandius tells me that writing in a journal two times in one day is a loser thing to do. I told him to never compromise. He said that I didnt make any sense and then kicked my and Nightowl's asses again.