Hey there guys.

My name is Ryan,

Today I'm going to show you my step by step plan to gettin' all da ladies. You may be thinking "well Ryan, why should i listen to you?" or "how do you know any better than I do?" Those are great questions and I'll answer them both by saying…I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Let's get started shall we?

When I walk into a bar, club, hostel, denny's or even a strangers house uninvited and I see a pretty girl, my eyes are on the prize ( well technically my eye). Right now you are probably panicking; there she is, an angel in disguise and you got nothing to come at her with.


I'm going to have you lead in with the world's most powerful tool of seduction, throughout the centuries man has seen fads come and go but this my friends is where it all ends and begins…

If the wink has successfully worked, you should see results like this

It's key to notice how she is responding.

note subject 1 – she likes what she sees; she clearly demonstrates this with a smile and by holding a dog.
These are the signs you should be looking for, a dog appearing out of thin air is a dead give away.
If you are not seeing these results PLEASE repeat step one because I don't have any other ice breakers.

Now here's where my magic starts to become…magic…

You will cast a gaze upon your lucky lady's mind, one which she will not be able to break. Be warned, results will vary, normally you should look for a rabid response. Girls show signs of hostility when they are warming up to your game.

Before she can come out her daze, quickly jump into action and offer her a beverage. I think any self respecting man should know what a classy lady is thirsty for…if not, learn below.

If/when this happens..

You're almost home free, by now she's thinking "hey boy, you got me all figured out, I'm gonna let you borrow my keys and credit cards".

All you need to do from here is go in for the kill. You've offered the milk, now offer yourself.

Oh wow, can you believe it? you did it. Call it a day because you just bagged yourself a woman.

Very shortly afterward she will want you to 'go away' or 'LEAVE!' ..she's trying to insinuate that she needs a few moments alone to reflect on how drastically her life has just changed…
What you do from there is up to you hot shot. Personally, I'd take this time to borrow her car keys and credit card. Go get something to eat and treat yourself.

Disclaimer – I have lawsuits pending.