The season finale of the CollegeHumor Show is tonight at 9:30pm on MTV! You're going to be watching, right? Right?! Cool. Us too. Us too.

Um, hey, I hope this isn't too forward, but what do you think about watching it, you know, together? I mean as friends. It'll totally be a friend thing. Super casual. Remember a couple week ago when we had that Q&A sesh in the comments section? We were just thinking about that. We had a really good time. Do you also remember how you said, "We should do this again sometime?" Ok, maybe we said that. Either way. We want to try to do it again tonight during the show. You sit at your computer, we'll sit at ours, and you can ask us anything you want and we'll answer in the comments section. Anything you want. Let's not keep secrets from each other. Still totally a friend thing though.

Cool? Awesome. 7-10:30pm (eastern), comments section of this article. It's a date. I mean, not a date date.

Unless you want it to be.