We all know the classic Original Video by CH titles: Stop Carlos Mencia. Here if the¡ddress©f you haven't scene it: //www.collegehumor.com/video:1892552 In all honesty, Carlos is a bastard but his show is almost never on and if you chose to watch him it's your own fault. I think we should focus on the enemy that lurks among us, like a Cylon if your a nerd. I am of course talking about yongwei. His wave of constant "First Asian" post must be stopped and stopped now! I am petitioning to ban yongwei from CH and return it to its former glory. I am also asking that The Elegant Too, the people who created Stop Carlos Mencia help this effort and create "Stop yongwei". Please post below that you agree and maybe we can get him banned.


PS. yongwei's name must be lower case at all times. Uppercase letters in names are reserved for intelligent lifeforms such as humans, dogs, and any dramatic woodland critter.

PSS. yongwei, I don't hate you. I just hate the things you do.¼/span>