In case you don't know, we at CollegeHumor have a little game we play called "What Will Kevin Do for Ricky's Money." The rules are that we come up with a ridiculous dare that Kevin could do for a certain amount of Ricky's money and then Kevin decides if he'll actually do it. So far he's watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua seven times in a row and attempted to eat everything in our office's vending machine.
There's something about the rules of this game that we don't like though: the part where Kevin has a choice. That makes the whole thing seem…what's the word? What's the word? Wussy.

So, for the next "What Will Kevin Do for Ricky's Money," the rules are going to be a bit different AND we want you to play the game with us.
Leave the best dares you can think of in the comments section and we'll pick our favorite. And then we'll make Kevin do it.