The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is back again, ready to embarrass the kids who cheapen your degree. Remember the rules – If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free BustedTee. Read all five and cast your vote. And, if you heard something stupid in class this week, send it to me at

The Nominees
  • A) Georgia State University Submitted by Erik

    We were talking about how light hits the atmosphere and emits blue based on the angle of the earth…

    Professor: So the sky is seen as being blue and that's why the ocean looks blue, too.

    Genius: What's the real color of water?

    Professor: …There's a bottle or water right in front of you.

  • B) Penn State Submitted by Bill

    The Brilliance: Was Judas the one who bit off Jesus' ear?

    Professor: No one bit Jesus.

  • C) Lone Star College Submitted by Rachel

    We were doing an in-class writing assignment…

    Lady Einstein: Do I have to write in English, or can I write in cursive?

  • D) Fordham University Submitted by Tammy

    While the professor is talking about the Vietnam War…

    Valedictorian: Wait, Vietnam is a country? I thought it was just the name of the war.

  • E) UW-Milwaukee Submitted by Michael

    Professor was commenting on the bright pink lettering on a Sign Language DVD that was left in the DVD player.

    Top-of-the-class: Shouldn't it be in braille?


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