I was thinking about the Justice League earlier today. And the thing is that, that's a group that has Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and all sorts of awesome superheroes on it right? Why is the Green Arrow on this team? He has no superpowers or can fly or anything. The ONLY thing this guy can do is shoot arrows. That's it. Why would they want a guy like that on the Justice League of America? C'mon! If they're looking for a ranged weapon, Superman has freakin' eye lasers. Superman could have his own freaking team of just Superman. They should change the name to the JSfA: Just Superman for America. I would think Green Arrow would be in their maybe list if Batman had to go to the dentist or Green Lantern had to go on a date, but otherwise what is he doing there? I get why they would want Aquaman, the world is mostly covered in water and he's got Super Strength and can take a hit and can talk to animals, I get it. I even get the Atom, he can make himself smaller and stuff, I could see why you would want to use him. But, Green Arrow?

And another thing, don't arrows kill people? I thought they don't like that. I'm pretty sure that the Justice League is against killing people. So, you have a hero who has no superpowers, who could easily be replaced by Superman using heat vision and who might kill people. I see no positive thought in this.

Oh and did I fail to mention that he died once? Yeah and not in a cool way like punching Doomsday to death or jumping in between a bullet and a puppy. He died when the plane he was on blew up. That's it. There can be no one saying, he died fighting the good fight, he died probably as he was moving his seat into an upright position. And then he came back to life. For no particular reason. Can't they just leave him dead? I mean seriously!

How is he a superhero? Was it like the other superheroes were going off to have fun and one of their moms said 'Take Green Arrow with you.' And they said 'But Moooooom.' And their mom said 'He doesn't have any friends, just give him an easy mission and make him feel special.' And they said 'Fine.' That's the only way I can figure it.

Get your head in the game Green Arrow, nobody likes you.