It's been 3 days since your last confession and there's been a lot of good, solid sinning going on across the country. Check out the top 5 and don't forget to submit your misdeeds to here.

Hey Alex. You, sir, are a tool, so I decided to share this with everyone you know. Remember when someone drew 'Tool' on your forehead, and you couldn't get it off? That was me, with superglue covering the Sharpie so you couldn't wash it away. I did NOT mean for you to fail your interview for grad school the next day. But next time, when I say that you need to stop hitting on my Girlfriend, you'll probably remember that you shouldn't be a Tool
T M, DePauw

Remember that one night you were at work and you let me use your computer because mine was broken? And remember that history project you had been working on for four days without any sleep? And remember how I told you the computer did something funky and shut itself down and you had to pull another all-nighter for the fifth night in a row? Yeah, well, I noticed that you hadn't saved any drafts of your project that you were so very very close to finishing, and deleted it. Oops! Oh well! I guess that's what happens when you take my car to pick up your boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now) and forget to refill the full tank of gas that you used.
Evelyn Marquez, School Not Given

I sometimes flick boogers at you while you sleep
Ted S., School Not Given

Hey, I know you love the fact that you can play notes at random really fast, and that totally makes you so sweet and hardcore. Well, what isn't hardcore is playing your brand new Marshall JMC2000 at all hours of the night. Frankly, it really got annoying, especially when you did it right before we had midterms, well I am sorry to say that your roommate was tired of it too, so while you were out getting trashed one night, we took all the fuses out of it and put wires in, to just let the current flow through. That was a horrible thunderstorm we had, and your amp was just plugged right into the wall with no surge protector. Man, that whole amp was just fried, oh so sad. I couldn't stop laughing when you had to call daddy and tell him you fried your 2000 dollar amp. Seriously dude, just get a damn practice amp, this is a dorm.
BM, Kansas City

Grey, remember that time in tenth grade when you tripped me during lunch and I fell in mud in front of that girl I had a crush on? Remember how I swore that I would exact a painful and horrible retribution on you in a few years, and even told you that you would forget about it until I reminded you? Well, when you got lice, I did that. I got a bag of hair from the barber shop, and rubbed it on your pillow. When you crashed your bike because that car ran you off the road, it was me and my brother in the car. When you got bit by the cow ant, I'm the one who put it in your bed and I purposely got viruses on your computer. The weird thing about it is that I don't think I was ever really that mad, but everyone needs a hobby and I think mine is trying to undo you and all of your endeavors.
Tyler Reiriz, York Tech

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