We've all made mistakes.

I mean, Sawyer should have never wronged all of those people that he conned in his past. Juliet should never have joined the Dharma Initiative. Jack shouldn't have become addicted to prescription drugs. Claire should have never considered giving up her baby. Hugo shouldn't have eaten that last Oreo. Seriously. And Ben probably shouldn't have murdered an entire community of people.

Similarly, I shouldn't have skipped Lost last night and tried to watch it on my computer this morning.

Especially when my internet connection. Keeps. Stopping. And. Restarting.

But, I seem to have it all figured out now. I have finally watched the episode, and all I can say in regard to my tardiness is this: I'm sorry. And also: It's Nice To Meet You, Ben!

Here's what went down this week, in a 14J at the Flame:

After the new plane crash on the small island, Ben runs off to go to the main island, Sun follows, and eventually so does Frank. Then Sun WHACKs Ben with an oar, and she and Frank take a small boat to the main island, where they run into Christian (!), who vaguely tells them that Jin is still in the past. Meanwhile, in 1977, Sawyer and Juliet help Jack, Kate, and Hurley pose as new Dharma Initiative recruits. Sayid is found in the jungle and taken for a Hostile. He is locked up, and a boy named Ben brings him a sandwich.