These are the excerpts from St. Brosef patron saint of the frat bro. One of the lesser known disciples St. Brosef later chronicled Jesus and his brocapades in this lost gospel:

Brosef 2:1 There came three wise bros from State U proclaiming" Where is the king of the bros, this dude is going to be legendary?" They brought with them gifts of Natty Ice, shirts with the collar already popped, and an old tattered hoody

Brosef 5:30 And Jesus said unto them "Bro if thou doth not sink a cup with thy right hand, cut it off and call for a celebrity shot"

Brosef 6:13 As the hood rat continued to tempt Jesus with money, cash, and hoes Jesus turned to him and responded "It will always be bros before hoes dude, you can not tempt me because I know there is a broasis waiting for me"

Brosef 7:15 Jesus said unto them " It's cool bro, hit that as long as thou does not quit that"

Brosef 9:26: As Jesus and his bros prepared for the DMB concert he proclaimed to them "Bros if you succumb to temptation beware of a clap trap, wrap it up"

Brosef 13:5 Jesus said unto them "Let he who has not hooked with a war pig be the first to paddle this brother"

Brosef 15:9 Jesus and his bros walked into a party and were approach by a man "Jesus bro all they got is beast ice, this party is busted" Jesus walked over to the keg and picked up the tap and the beer was transformed into Natty Light, and the brodeo continued throughout the night.

Brosef 20:13 "Dudes tonight at the sorority mixer one of your will turn on me. After this brotrayal when you drink jagerbombs and eat Ramon noodles remember me. For only then will you be admitted into brotopia."

Brosef 21:15 Jesus looked on to Judas saying "Dude that was totally not in the brotocol"