It's been a couple days since your last confession and there's been a lot of good, solid sinning going on across the country. Check out the top submissions and don't forget to submit your misdeeds here.

Steve, remember that time you got really pissed off because your Gatorade mixture tasted gross for a month straight? Well I had been coming home late from drinking and would drink your Gatorade so I would be hydrated in the morning for PT, I would then replace it with water, blue food coloring and sweet and low packets.
M.G. K., Marine Corps Barracks Norfolk, VA

Jason, every time your skin broke out with rashes and or acne, it was because I replaced my body wash soap with laundry detergent because you were using mine.
Sean K., SIUC

I was the one that sewed your shirt to your pants while you were passed out 2 weeks ago.
Matt D., Southern Illinois

Remember when we told you that you really needed to take a shower? Every guy stinks after awhile, but especially 300lb guys. Well, you know how you wake up everyday saying you feel itchy and dry, maybe it's because Ryan and I have been putting just a little bit of sand in your bed every night. Maybe if there was another way to make you shower we'd stop, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Tom A., URI

Every once in a while when I'm bored and/or drunk I set my iTunes to play "Jitterbug" through the AirPort in your room while you're sleeping. Not quite sure how you haven't figured out it's been me this whole time, you must be some kind of dummy.
Greg D, Duquesne

I can contain it no longer, here is my confession: It was I, with the aid of another, who took all the toilet paper in our Hall's bathroom second semester last year. Those caught seated without the magic paper needed only to venture to the one shower with no hot water no one uses to find a large bounty of white rolls, but I know of none who found it.
SB, NC State

I live in a suite with 3 other guys and one night, when one of the roommates was gone, three of us lofted the missing roommate's bed all the way to the ceiling. It was about 10-11 feet up and the mattress was pushed against the ceiling so that it was hard to even pull of the sheets. Too bad the kid we did this to didn't come back with a girl at 2am – but he still had to sleep on the floor.
Matt C., Lafayette

My roommate rode home with his girlfriend for the weekend and made the mistake of leaving the keys to his truck at the apt. The rest of us wrapped the afterbirth from a cow around the springs under his seat, and that nasty stuff baked in the hot sun all weekend long. Seeing that dude puking while trying to clean out that rotten smelling stuff was so worth the trouble of doing it to start with.
Andrew J, Miss State

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