Check this shit out dude! CHECK! THIS! SHIT! OUT! My Bracket is the titties man, I told you I'd have the best pick bro. You know it, you know it. I called the upsets dude. I fucking CALLED THEM! I mean lets face it I mean everyone knows that the Hilltoppers play awesome D that forced those little Illini pussies to make mistakes around the perimeter which caused them to go down. Big time! I'm sure you knew that though. Why wait you didn't? You didn't know that this was the most probable 5th seed team to go down in the first round? Do your f*cking research then you dumb f*ck! I swear to God you can be so retarded sometimes. Dude, are you f*cking insane.

No I won't shut up man! I'm being a little bitch? No you are being a little bitch! No no no no no! You are just mad because you picked Cal over Maryland. It's not my fault you are retarded! Did you even look at the stats between them? Of course you didn't. You don't even know that 9 of Maryland's 13 losses are all from within the ACC and they're fucking stacked but what the fuck do you know you don't even subscribe to ESPN 360. Yeah yeah. But check this shit out though. Check out my sweet sixteen just check it out. Near perfect man, near perfect. This bracket is so boss man. Like its tighter then a nun's snatch bro, I swear to Dave Matthews. You wish you had my bracket dude. 

Did you see President Obama making his picks dude? Did you see? Ri-fucking-dick-ulus. I mean it's bad enough that we elected him president because you know that we all would have wanted to see John McCain with Sarah Palin with her GILF-tastic self and her tig ol' bitties rocking the White House, but instead we have this good for nothing fuck in the office making picks. I mean what does he know about good basketball? Nothing. The dude went to Columbia for his Ugrad. Columbia doesn't know shit about Basketball. Obama legit picked UNC . UNC? I'm sorry but has he never heard of a little team called LOUISVILLE??? Yeah bitch what now? He said that he was going with his BARACK-otology. More like BARACK-SUCK-OLOGY if you ask me. 

Shut the fuck up dude that shit was funny. It's a pun you motherfucker look it up. You wouldn't know what a pun is though because you're the same retarded monkey-fuck that said that those fucking Mormons at BYU stood a chance against A&M. I don't care if they were higher ranked those fuckers need to spend less time praying and more time practicing their game in the paint because that shit was just fucking pathetic. That shit about having like 4 wives is pretty sweet though. The you could have like all the pussy you want. Like its like 3-ways every night dude. But like fuck that shit though this bracket is gonna get me so much ass because of like my analytical skills and like my ability to break things down and shit. For real though. I have like the John Wayne Gacy of Brackets though dude. Like if any other little pussy bracket comes in my way its just going to molest that fucker of a bracket, kill it, and then store it in the crawl space dude. But anyway enough about this March Madness shit dude, because you have to check out my MTV movie award picks-THEY'RE FUCKING SICK!