The episode opens in Agent Danko's bathroom (sexy!), where he's in the middle of a shaving montage that's been filmed like an action scene for some reason. I guess it makes sense though – for anyone as frail as Capt. Corpse, every little mundane activity must seem fraught with mortal peril. One slip of the razor and his jugular might wheeze a few drops of his "blood" onto the tile.

Little does he know, a serial killer lurks in his apartment. But I guess since murdering Danko would at best grant Sylar the ability to Have Sunken-In Eyes, he just leaves a present instead: Doyle, literally wrapped in a bow.

Angela and Noah are in Angela's limo, engaged in Clandestine Meeting #834. Of the week. Angela says ever since Nathan blew his cover last week by not falling to his death, Noah is the Heroes' last hope. "I hate to be dramatic," she says, and Angela no you don't. She tells him that finding and apprehending REBEL would earn him Danko's trust. Noah's like "I'm not, like, actually on his side though… am I?" And Angela kind of looks into the camera and shrugs. America shrugs back. Angela gives Noah her umbrella before he leaves, and in return he gives her advice on how not to be beaten to death with nightsticks.

Under the guise of requesting his medical expertise, Danko leads Mohinder to a room where Daphne and Matt are lying next to each other in the most romantic coma ever. There's an extra gurney and Mo's like "Hey who's that for?" and Danko's like "Try not to hit your head on that when I tranquilize you right now."

Tracy is still locked up in what looks to be a giant toaster oven. Keeping her superpower at the ready, she exhales some cold air into the hot room. The room is like "Ick, your breath smells like sperm."

Noah tells Danko that REBEL is trying to bust Tracy out, and that it would behoove them to sit back and let him/her/it/ohcomeonit'sMicah try, so that she'll lead them right to him.

Meanwhile Hiro is seriously yelling right into a baby's face because he thinks it's Matt Parkman. But Ando, noticing that this baby is not ordering 13 pizzas or insisting he's in love with a woman he barely knows, suggests that maybe it's not Matt – it's his kid. (Remember?) Soon they discover the baby has the power to turn on unplugged TVs – so basically he's an extension cord that shits himself.

Angela futuredreams of her own arrest, then wakes up just in time to prevent it. She leaps out of the car and sidles up to the nearest stranger, all "Can I stand under your um-ba-rella, ella, ella, eh, eh?" and the guy's like "Jesus Christ – Chris Brown really DID fuck your face up."

Tracy escapes her cell, then starts setting everyone else free like it's the pet store scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Matt insists on carting Daphne along even though she's not helping very much, being nearly dead and all. So now it's Matt, Daphne, Mohinder and Tracy on a double date to freedom, and Danko is like "Hey Noah, there seems to be a lot more people escaping than we agreed on," and Noah's like, "…Did I do thaaat?"

Tracy, who quickly parts ways with Matt and co. because She Can Take Care Of Herself, is at the mall using her power to shoplift. Luckily Noah catches her before the Abercrombie assistant manager can, and is all "LEAD ME TO REBEL IMMEDIATELY and also you should really go with something in a lighter blue."

Matt and Mohinder get Daphne to the hospital, where Matt uses his power to convince the doctors that Daphne accidentally shot herself on a duck hunting trip.

Hiro and Ando have to hide themselves when Janice, Parkman's ex-wife, arrives home. She finds them almost immediately, looking unrealistically comfortable with the realization that two grown Asian men are hanging out in a closet pretending to be stuffed animals. Then again, the baby does have one of those cymbal-clapping monkey toys, which makes Hiro and Ando like, the second and third creepiest things in there.

On the lookout for baby Parkman, heavily armed agents kick the door in and begin combing the house with guns drawn like they're expecting an ambush.

Hiro gets his power back via some kind of infant voodoo, except all he seems to be able to do is freeze time. So for now it looks like they've reined in his abilities like they did with Peter, which is good. (I know some of you miss these powers, but they attract plot holes like crazy.) Hiro pauses the world, absconds with the baby and rolls the timefrozen Ando out on a wheelbarrow.

Angela meets with one of her socialite friends (a well-cast Swoozie Kurtz — one of the pilled-up moms from Rules of Attraction) to beg for cash. The friend politely says no. Gee, what a necessary scene.

Daphne must have awoken with two or three periods stored up, because right away she goes turbobitch on Matt, once again reminding them that they have no basis for a relationship other than what he's allegedly seen in the future. Matt's like "But I was all sad and revenge-y when you got shot…" And before he can even finish his sentence, she's out the door. But seriously Matt, how did you think this was going to end? She's been completely unconscious throughout most of your "relationship."

Tracy finally tracks down REBEL and… ah, Jesus. I was really liking this episode, too. Ugh, OK, so Micah is REBEL. God damn it. Well, at least it makes sense, I guess. Anyway he's pissed at Tracy about selling him out for her own freedom. Agents are closing in quickly, but fucking Micah uses his ability to chat up machines so he can simulate a gas leak (BY FARTING LOL) and they r-u-n-n-o-f-t.

Angela is still on the run from agents, hoping against hope that one of her sons will save her, and before you can say "conveniently timed familial reconciliation," Peter swoops in and flies her to safety. Pretty cool, though, that the Petrelli brothers have both taken to the sky in recent weeks to rescue their relatives. Peter and Angela head to the, um, head of the Statue of Liberty for an intense brooding session.

Guilty over selling Micah out, Tracy decides to sacrifICE her own life to save his by freezing herself and everyone/thing/innocent stray cat around her while he escapes. Then the camera gets all Matrix-y during what is undoubtedly The Most Expensive Shot in the History of Heroes. Surveying the damage, Danko walks up and shoots Tracy into a lot of pieces. The mouth, he takes home.

Hiro, meanwhile, is still amid frozen people of a different sort. Having wheelbarrowed Ando for an improbable amount of time (GAY JOKE LOL), they finally arrive at a bus station, and when Hiro unpauses time, Ando freaks out like you do when you get jolted awake in the middle of Econ.

Daphne ran to Paris and is hanging out atop the Moulin Rouge sign, just kind of waiting for Ewan McGregor to show up, when instead Matt does. He tells her he flew there, and I'm like "No way they would pull that shit" and for a second I think maybe there is a way they would pull that shit, but Daphne soon figures out what's going on: She's still in the hospital, and Matt's been in her mind trying to give her a happy ending (heh) by reinacting the Daily Planet scene from Superman Returns inside her imagination. She's like "Well, I guess since I'm dead or whatever, fly me too the moon." Unfortunately, she croaks before getting to see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

Bad Ass Moments:

- Characters that talk like real people!

- No Claire!

Bad, Ass Moments:

- Those 3-5 seconds of thinking Parkman could all of a sudden fly were pretty excruciating. For me, and for anyone below him.