Here is a previously confidential list of several emoticons thatwere rejected by the Emoticon Society of America (or whoever comes upwith these damned things):


Pirate That Has Suffered From a Stroke


Gold-digger With a Pointy Lower Lip


Chipper Cyclops


Double Amputee Prostitute With a Unibrow


Clown That Just Found Out He Contracted AIDS From the Chubby Mexican Dude He Woke Up Naked Next to During Spring Break Last Year

};-D /-: br />
Pedophile With a Permanent Scowl

> :-<

Adorable Bunny Rabbit

> :-<

Adorable Evil* Bunny Rabbit


"Family Guy" Newscaster Tom Tucker's Kid, Jake, When He Was a Baby


PersonWith a Ridiculously Long (and for Some Reason, Dashed) Tongue; AKA anymember of KISS, except for the dashed part. Well, maybe.. You neverknow. They've kind of dropped off the face of the earth. Oh well, theysucked anyway.


Yongwei, Currently the Most Hated Person on

*The eyes are supposed to be red, but I'm not entirely sure the color will show up, so bear with me, people.