Well here's a blast from the past. Wilder Valderrama is in the news this week, and no, not because they're making That 70s Show: The New Class. Apparently he's in the running for Rihanna's rebound man. Wow. Wilder Valderrama! It's like hearing news about that kid that was king of your high school for four years and then never left your hometown. (Celebslam)

What else is 'up', Hollywood?

Twitter. Twitter is up. This week we learned that John Mayer's Twitter is what caused Jennifer Aniston to break up with him. Apparently he was telling Jen he was busy all the time, but then she'd see all his Tweets and get indignant. Because so much time and thought and effort goes into Twittering. (IDLYITW)

Mayer wasn't the only one making waves with his Twitter this week. Ashton Kutcher Tweeted a picture of his wife Demi Moore's butt. I would say this spelled trouble except for the fact that Demi Moore also has a Twitter (@mrskutcher), so she 'gets' it. She 'gets' why her ass is on the internet. (Egotastic)

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart got engaged this week after 7 years of dating. I can only assume it took so long because Harrison refused to take out his sweet earring until now. (IDLYITW, USMag)

Fun news from Hollywood! The powers that be have decided to make a Three Stooges movie! I'm sure it will star….oh. Oh. Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey, of course. How…interesting. (WWTDD)

So Bruce Willis got married this week to 30 year old Emma Heming. Bruce Willis is 54. Ex-wife Demi Moore is 46 and Ashton Kutcher is 31. Bruce: 24, Demi: 15. Winner: Bruce Willis! (WWTDD)

Last week you guys complained that there weren't enough boobs. Typical! Well Auntie Sarah is here to make amends. Four words: Carmen. Electra. Photoshoot. And I won't insult your intelligence by saying the fourth word. Just….go. (Egotastic)

Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gold-medalist turned Dancing With The Stars contestant, has an insane stalker. This week a man was caught trying to sneak onto the DWTS set, and police found a handgun, a shotgun, duct tape, zip ties, love letters and news clippings about Shawn in his car. Holy shite! He does realize she has the mutated body of a gymnast, right? Just checking. (IDLYITW)

Crazy stalker dude's not the only one packing. Rihanna got three guns tattooed on her body this week, presumably for the sole reason of making 'tickets to the gun show' jokes. (Hollywood Tuna)

Photoshop is so great, you guys. Not only can it give Anna Faris huge boobs out of nowhere, but it can make Kim Kardashian instantly lose 20 pounds. Now in animated gif form! (Egotastic, Celebslam)

Things are going great for Lindsay Lohan this week. First her assistant wrecked her brand new Maserati (what recession?!), then it was announced that her latest movie, Labor Pains, would have a limited theatrical release. And by limited theatrical release I mean going straight to DVD. And by DVD I mean ABC Family. (Hollywood Tuna, DListed)

Cindy Crawford did a weirdass photoshoot this week that involved robots, soap, bread, toothpaste, and her being naked so why did I even bother making that list you're still gonna click on the link. (Hollywood Tuna)

This week Madonna announced plans to adopt another child from Africa. Because a 50 year old recently-divorced woman who dates random young dudes and wears a lot of spandex certainly sounds like the perfect mother to me. (Celebslam)

Robert Pattinson, the vampire from Twilight that tween girls everywhere are swooning over, has a very specific hygiene routine. Namely, he doesn't shower. Ever. Which brings me to the first time in my entire life that I'm glad Smell-O-Vision never took off. Or, according to Futurama, just hasn't taken off yet. (IDLYITW)

Kanye West did a photoshoot this week for Complex magazine, and-is that? Yes, he appears to be in whiteface. Solidifying his place as the white man's rapper once and for all. (DListed)

You guys, Bob Barker was almost a porn star. I'm serious. The amount of Price is Right porn puns is overwhelming. The Price is Tight, The Price is Dong, Cum on Down!, Blowcase Blowdown, Stinko, its endless. (Celebslam)

And last but not least, this week's Still Got It. Mary Kate's old lady impression was a serious contender this week, but a chubby Vinnie Chase waddled by just in time to claim the top prize. Looking good, Adrian Grenier! You Still Got Something. (DListed, WWTDD)