Well, you've done it America. I hope you are proud of yourselves. I hope you are proud that you have destroyed everything in the world that matters to me. Yes, that's right, you've busted my bracket. It's now resting comfortably in the recycling bin. But, I'm here once again to dissect what happened in the second week of our journey to determine America's Hottest College Girl. "L.G.S."

South Region: For those of you keeping track at home, the Brittany count in the competition has been cut to 3. That's right; we lost two Brittanys in the south. Brittney from Georgia Southern lost in a bracket buster matchup for the ages. A mere 30 votes separated the winner from the loser. Lucy won 5,100 votes to 5,070 in the very closely contested contest. After Lucy's impressive first round victory I don't think she should have any trouble advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

And this brings me to the reason my bracket is broken. Adrian, from Fairmont State, is already out of the competition. She might have lost, but she's still my favorite. She had a very difficult first round matchup against Kristy from Penn State. Kristy has proven herself to be a force in the south, and may very well come out of this region. Nicole used some gorgeous swimsuit shots to also post a very strong performance in the first round. She will be facing a tough matchup against Lydia to earn a spot in the Sweet Sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen Predictions: Chelsea, Lucy, Nicole, and Kristy

East Region: I love me some Laurel and apparently America does too. She easily defeated Danielle, a very strong first round opponent. Plus, according to her interview she loves intelligent guys and videogames. She definitely knows who is voting in this competition. Kristen vs. Jessica is a very interesting second round matchup. Although, I believe Kristen is hotter, Jessica does have all New York Yankees fans in her corner. It is important to note that the largest voting demographic throughout the competition has been in the NYC area.


I'd like to declare my dislike for the following decision. Autumn, the ultimate portfolio contestant; complete with all modeling photos, defeated the adorable Alex. Please America, I beg of you, we need to stop this in the upcoming rounds. Let's vote for Hottest College Girl, not models submitting all their modeling photos. (Gets off Soap Box) Another bracket buster first round matchup was Laura vs. Jennifer. In a 51% to 49% decision, Laura defeated Jennifer. I imagine this was a very hard decision for all of you. If you know what I mean.

Sweet Sixteen Predictions: Laurel, Kristen, Kelly K, and Laura

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