A crazy villain holds two people captive. Tied and bound to chairs, the victims cannot move.

Villain: I have a single bullet. One of you will die.
Captives: NO, Please NO! Help!
Villain: I'm going to pick a number between 1 and 100. You each get one guess, the person closest to the number lives.
Points the gun at the captives.

: What is your guess?

Captive 1
: My guess is 100!! 100!

: Idiot! What's your guess, GO.
Swings gun and aims at the other captives head

Captive 2
: My guess is 1! God help me! 1!!

: Whaaaaat? Why would you guess 1! And why would you guess 100? And why the hell didn't you just say 99 after he said 100!
Captive 2: I knew he overbid. That is why I said 1! You low ball when the other person guesses too high.
Villain: That's not how it works. I never said anything about not being able to go over. This isn't The Price is Right.
Captive 2: The suspense is killing me. Just tell us the actual retail price!
Villain: I thought I was crazy, but you are f*cking insane. Thank God I'm the one with the gun. The number I chose was 50, I chose 50.
Captive 1: You pick the only number that can result in a draw. Who's the idiot now?

Villain: Shut up! This whole thing back fired.
Gun accidentally goes off.
Captive 2: Shiaza Minnelli, man down, all for one and one for all, connect four, you sunk my battleship, checkmate, signal
Villain: No one is wounded! I shot the wall. Cool it.
The room is silent

Villain: Because behind that wall is a NEW CAAAARRRR!
Captive 2: Really?

Villain: No,just no. Obviously not. Seriously, you need help.