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If you pay to see a fortune teller, odds are you have no future.
-Emilia Tessaro
English muffins? The English are clearly retarded.
-Adam Newman
I'm the kind of person who laughs at their mistakes, which is why it's really hard for me to hang out with my kids.
-Ryan Pashley
New Jersey Games
My favorite city is Hoboken which coincidentally is my favorite character in Street Fighter 2: Homeless Edition.
-Chris Lataille
I find it terrifying that Amazon named their digital book after something that burns very easily.
-Patrick Cassels
Because it holds the syrup in.
Aren't waffles just pancakes 2.0?
-Andrew Berriman
Seussical Seduction
Why did the green fish want to date the red fish? Because he heard Red Fish Blue Fish.
-Brandon Theriault
My friend told me last week that he was "High on Life." I tried it too, but couldn't get the plastic game pieces lit.
-Will Riebel