Fisher-Price Office
 East Aurora, NY

Mr. Dillon: All right, people.  We need ideas pronto.   

Johnson: Sir, I have an idea that will change this company.

Mr. Dillon: I'm listening.

Johnson: It came to me in a dream last night, sir.  People are going to love it!

Mr. Dillon: Spit it out, Johnson!

Johnson: Right now, the most boring place for kids is the bathtub.

Mr. Dillon: Go on.

Johnson: My idea is a toy designed for the bathtub: a rubber duck.

Mr. Dillon: A toy duck? That sounds kind of…lame, Johnson.

Johnson: But it's a yellow rubber duck sir.

Mr. Dillon: I see.

Johnson: And it squeaks…

Mr. Dillon: Uh huh…

Johnson: And it… floats?

Mr. Dillon: Dammit, Johnson I need more!

Johnson (pauses): And if you try to sink it, it comes back up again!

Mr. Dillon (slamming the table): Goddammit Johnson that's why we keep you around. A floating, yellow, squeaking, rubber duck.  Johnson, you're a fucking genius.  We'll sell millions! 

Voice in the back of the room: What about a cube that's a puzzle?

Mr. Dillon: You're fucking fired, Rubik.