I’m not trying to make it seem like I’m an avid soccer enthusiast; I am light years from it. Saying that, I do support any American competing in international competition, no matter how irrelevant or dull it may be. In my opinion those who are fortunate enough to represent this nation in athletic competition should give everything they have in representing their country as best they can. As I watched the U.S. players run aimlessly up and down the field I wondered, what the hell must have been going through FIFA’s mind when they ranked this team fifth in the world? Are you kidding? Did you see that pummeling of the 5 RANKED TEAM IN THE WORLD. I implore those who are gifted enough to boot a ball up and down a field while uniformed in the stars and strips to put up or shut up. Yes the Czech Republic was ranked second in the world and a damn good team. Nevertheless there is no reason for three goals to be scored on a team that supposedly possesses the second most experience in this year’s cup. Three to zero?!! In soccer numbers that’s like a billion to zilch.  

            Presently the U.S is now staring up at the mountain that is the Italian power house. Even though the Italians have had one of the most controversial years in their history they are still loaded talent. Knowing the skill level of this European juggernaut I pray that the U.S. soccer team brings their A game or mimic someone else’s( Brazil’s perhaps). How about putting a product out on the field that is worthy the constant commercial advertising that has been dominating my Sport Center commercial breaks for the last three months.

I am not suggesting that they have to win the whole tournament; US soccer has yet to reach that plateau; yet. However, they can act like men (or the US women’s team) and play with some balls. Stop acting like cowards and fight F@$king back. Things should get ugly, that’s the nature of competition. Push, claw, bite, for God sake, do something, because I am afraid that another debacle resembling the one that was witnessed today will not sit well with your American fan base. Only if a better product is put on the field do I believe that U.S. soccer can regain some of the respect and growing admiration they forfeited today. Man up U.S soccer, you have talked about how this year was going to be different, how you were finally contenders; this was going to be the year. Well…..