Ok the guests are 15 minutes from coming so i have 15 minutes to take a piss of a life time.

Now i just have to unzipper my… damn the zippers stuck.

ok its down time to piss.

( pissing sound)

oh shit i pissed on the seat

wait theres a piece of poop in the toilet know if i aim at it i might not piss on the toilet.

I wonder if you push harder your piss will come out faster

ohhhhhh god i forgot i had kidney stones broken up yesterday


( guests in the living room all say what the hell was that?)

Ok now its over time to zipper up

CRAP!!!! My zipper is stuck in the bottom of my zipper slot.

OK mabye if put my shirt on over top of it and know one will see it.

(POV walks out an some one said dude your fly is afriad of hights.

Damn it!!!