As my seven long year excursion of going to school is coming to a close, I have been thinking a lot about the things I've learned, the personal growth from the time I was a mere 18 year old, and how much my interests and values have shifted and molded. As a sociology major, a majority of my studies consisted of the study of people, human relations, the origin, development and organization of human society. The things that make up our society are the social institutions we as humans are involved with. By attending school we are exposed to one of the greatest of these social institutions:

Now, I've been exposed to a lot of people, have been in a variety of classes on the spectrum of college majors and have concluded this:

Want to meet some of the DUMBEST people ever? Register for college. Believe me it's true.

In a typical class, there are different categories that people fit into. And it goes without saying that with each class you are registered for; there is someone in each of those classes that fit into the category.

And in spirit of fellow sociologist Howard Becker I will use his labeling theory and label those who surround me in the sea of idiocracy and explain to you what each category is.

I know the labeling theory applies to criminals and deviants for the most part, but it does say how the majority tends to label the minority and because of these labels the idea of the self fulfilling prophecy takes course and we end up with our individuals behaving a certain way because of our said "labels".

I figured this applies because we ALL know I AM the majority when you have a class with me and the rest is the minority, because put simply: what I say, goes.


THE OVER ACHIEVING MOM TYPE: These often can be the worst types. They need constant assurance from the teacher, ask questions (often WAAAAY too many), and usually hand in their paper a week early, making people like ME look bad. These "moms" aren't necessarily moms but often take up a maternal role in the class room itself. What's ironic about mom is that they are the biggest babies. They need to be spoon-fed everything, and rarely can accept constructive criticism. They are also the ones who ask about that assignment that was due the day of class that you didn't do and the professor forgot about it, but believe me. The Old mom bag is there to remind Prof of what seemed to slip their mind. Thanks Over Achieving mom type.

THE KID WHO IS ALWAYS STONED: I think the category speaks for itself. There is always one kid who always comes to class high. They usually are advocating for the legalization of marijuana when in the setting of an open forum. They are usually just a waste of space. But I still think they are really funny.

THE CONSISTANTLY LATE ONE: Is just me or is that same person ALWAYS coming in late each week. It drives me nuts. As it is, I'm OCD with time management, so I really begin to freak when I see the same pattern being carried out with week by week. You know what time class starts. It doesn't change with each week. I suggest waking up 10 minutes earlier, or perhaps investing in a decent pair of sneakers and take up jogging as an extracurricular activity I recommend these sneakers. // I own a similar pair and I got to say they are sleek comfortable and get me from point A. to point B without a problem.

THE WANNABE STATE TROOPER: Let me just begin by saying, I have NOTHING against anyone who is looking to becoming an officer of enforcement, law/court, or corrections, but there are CERTAIN people (and you know who they are) who really have no business majoring in this field and are only doing so, so that one day they will have power and it will make up where they are lacking elsewhere.
Because my school I attend has such an "innovative" and "practitioner based" curriculum, the Criminal Justice "program prepares their students for satisfying careers, successful lives, community service and lifelong intellectual pursuits."
Intellectual pursuits huh? Well keep digging College because I'm pretty sure these "intellectuals" you are accepting into your program met the prerequisite of a beating heart and working lungs. And that's where it stops.
We get it wannabe state trooper, you've had a few law classes. This doesn't give you free will to start spitting out "oh well according to statute number blah blah blah" at every opportunity that may arise. WE KNOW you are going to be a cop one day. You don't need to reiterate this fact. I mean it's not like we could not tell already from the crew cut and state trooper attire you wear each week to class……


THE LAZY GROUP MEMBER: I think we have all found ourselves in this category at least once in our scholastic careers. But what I really can't stand is when I'm the one doing most, if not ALL, of the work; while you're kicking back tweeting on twitter.
With the recent revamp of school's integrity, the school has established Greater Expectation goals. This is FINE on paper; I would even dare to say GREAT. I'm paying almost 30Gs a year to attend here, this place better have SOME sort of Great Expectation. Let's look at what exactly they are…….

The empowered should student excel at:
1. Communicating in diverse settings and groups, using written, oral, and visual means, and in more than one language.
2. Understanding and employing both quantitative and qualitative analysis to describe and solve problems.
3. Interpreting, evaluating, and using information discerningly from a variety of sources.
4. Integrating knowledge of various types and understanding complex systems.
5. Working well in teams, including those of diverse composition, and building consensus.
6. Understanding and employing the integrity, social responsibility, and ethical behavior required for a diverse democratic society.

I would like to focus on #5. I really don't mind group work, (when there are 4 other of Me's to work with.) The only thing I can think of that's really diverse  at the end of my group experience is the diverse ways I've fantasized about severely MAIMING the lazy group member.

p.s. Lazy Group Member, stop trying to sit by me so you can copy off my tests. It's not that hard to crack open a book and review for an hour. (Unless you're hanging out with "kid who is always Stoned")

THE DOUBTING SMARTY PANTS: I think it's safe to say these are the types that irk me the most. Now, I'm a smart gal, I've got a somewhat impressive GPA. But I had to work to get that. It does NOT come natural to me. The Doubting Smarty Pants is the type where it does come natural and they get As on EVERYTHING but yet they STILL HAVE the GALL to say "OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY FAILED THAT".

(*The doubting smarty pants is type I like to work with in groups when I feel like taking on the role as the lazy group member.)

These are hands down by far, without a doubt the WORST of their kind. You DONT want to be one being disagreed with by the Disagree to Disagreer because they will verbally kick your behind into a paradox so dark, cold, and frightful, you just may never be the same. The Disagree to Disagreer, loves to argue. They love a good debate and are often VERY intelligent. But they take a bit too far. Sometimes they will argue JUST to argue. And if they hate you, you bet that they will argue with everything you have to contribute to class, even down to every molecule of carbon dioxide you just exhaled out of your mouth. Trust me if it came out of your mouth, they will find something wrong with it. I often sit back and get the biggest kick out of the Disagree to Disagreer, I find them funny and entertaining especially if their prey they are preying is someone I too thinks should be expulsed of, then the disagree to disagreer is my new best friend. And if the Disagree to Disagreer likes you, you are going to have a GREAT SEMESTER.

THE ONE WHO NEVER WANTS TO BE THERE AND CAN THINK OF ATLEAST 10 OTHER THINGS BETTER TO BE DOING WITH THEIR TIME: This hits me on a personal level. I've been so humble as to throw myself into a category. They always say you can dish it out but can't take it so I'm dishing it to myself too. The person who never wants to be there, often sits in the back, can be found rolling their eyes ALOT and will often pour fuel on the fire when the disagree to disagreer is starting up a fight with the wannabe state trooper. The over achiever mom type is their worst enemy and is usually apt to explaining last week's assignment to the kid who is always high. They like school but have been in it for so long they just want to be DONE ALREADY. The one who never wants to be there and can think of 10 other things better to be doing with their time, will go on to the "Real world" landing a career and will have the same attitude, but only will be thinking of at least 25 other things better to be doing with their time then being at work.

AHHH SCHOOL it's been real, you've treated me well over the years. I will miss pulling up to your OVERLY CROWDED PARKING LOT THAT TAKES ME ALMOST AN EXTRA 45 minutes to find a spot then walk to class. 6 more weeks.


by: Kiersten