I have decided to write this guide as a service to all members of the Facebook community. It is important that after a great night on the town, you pick an appropriate name for your photo album. Simply naming it "Photo album from (insert date)" will yield several comments on your wall such as, "haha last night was sooo funnn but what's with that terrible album name?" or "Your photo album names lack originality." or "Stop sleeping with my boyfriend, you whore." (The author of this guide does not guarantee all negative comments will cease after reading this.)

There is only only simple step to being a creative album titler. Pick a quote from the night the picture were taken that in no way explains where you were or what you were doing. This quote must only refer to a two second period in which one person featured in the album said something completely random. For example it is innapropriate to name the photo album "You're right. Niagara Falls is very beautiful." While this quote would give any person a resaonable guess as to the activities featured in the album, it won't make anyone confused or left out of an inside joke. Effective album titles could be: "That's not gangsta, that's kinky." or "Yes I am wearing a peacock, get over it." or "My skin feels different."

In conclusion, if you follow these instructions it is sure that your photo albums will have a more professional feel. The number of people viewing your photos will increase exponentially and you might even get a few stalkers out of it. Good luck!