With the latest Pokémon game lining the shelves of every worthy store, waiting to be cherished by supergeeks everywhere, I feel it is a very fitting time to come out of the videogame closet and admit that I do indeed still worship Pokémon.
Admitedly, not in a memorising the script of every episode kind of way, but I no longer pretend I don't remember that Meowth evolves into Persian and Ash had lightning shaped marks on his cheeks for some odd reason. So, I decided to dust off that old yellow cartridge and get playing a true masterpiece: Pokémon Yellow.

To embrace the real nostaliga, you need to turn up the volume of your Game Boy to hear the 'dun, dun dun, dun diddle dun' of the opening titles. It really is classic. So, once you choose to start a new game, Professor Oak describes how pokémon are basically fucked up versions of real animals that people keep in balls and force to fight. I think he slipped the word 'love' in there somewhere, so the animated cockfighting goes by undetected. After a lot of ramblings, your character shrinks down to size and you encounter the biggest douche bag in videogame history: Gary. Or Blue. Or whatever you decided to call him. For this game, I called him HERPES. Throughout the game HERPES becomes stronger, and the aim of the game is to collect all the pokémon and defeat HERPES

I digress…anways, graphics. The graphics of Yellow are what you would expect for a 90s handheld game: armless, stunted individuals walking around ill proportioned towns and occationally become a vaguely normal size during battle sequences. Admittedly, the battles have improved a lot in later versions of the game, however, the progress from Blue and Red to Yellow is still evident. I mean, in battles the pictures of the pokémon actually look like who they are supposed to be. I don't know how the Red and Blue image of pikachu got so fucked up, but that isn't the pikachu I know and love. But what the game lacks in graphics, it certainly makes up for in gamplay. I have never found capturing 150 creatures and placing them in balls more enjoyable… And yes, 150 is the correct number of pokémon, Gold and Siver just about got away with 250, but now the number is so ridiculous you get kudos for just seeing a pokémon. To me, that kind of defeats the point of 'gotta catch 'em all', which is why I think Yellow is the best version. That and the fact that you get pikachu following you everywhere…
So anways, I'm sorry I didn't give any details on the storyline, but I know you guys probably know it inside out anyway. I expect you all to be getting out your Game Boys and playing this epic game soon :P

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