Being a street racer is hard.

People always challenge you, pink slips are always on the line. One lose and you're out of a living.

Reminds me of this one race I had in Tokyo.

Everything started off simple enough, I left quite a few of my compatriots in my dust.

Speeding at unsafe speeds while avoiding uncoming traffic is always a thrill in life.

It was down to me and one another guy as I saw the silver and gray gates come close.

"I can win this." I thought to myself, when I quickly double tapped my gas pedal. The car lifted itself into the air as fire shot out of my exhaust.

I zoomed ahead of my opponent and crossed underneath the gate, whena loud female voice screamed "CHECKPOINT!"

Sonuvabitch. I wasn't done yet. But that can be expected when you're busy Cruis'n.