When the choices are all multiple

And the answers could all B

I keep on hoping that I can fill in

Every circle that I C

But my teachers have all taught me

That there's A most correct response

But there are three or four of these to pick

And I can only answer once.

I think that A looks the most correct

But I'd better read the rest

Because everybody always knows

It's never the first answer on the test.

I guess it might be the second answer,

That's correct for number 3.

But that's the answer I gave for number two,

Is it 2. B or not 2. B?

When all else fails go with C,

It's seems a like a good plan.

But this C has a lot of words like

"if" and "but" and "than"

D gives me all of the above,

But wait, there's answer E

Is it really C and B and A

Or only A and B?

I take a breath and fill in the blank

With my HB number 2

I sigh and roll my eyes when I see

I still have sixty questions left to do.

I long for fill in the blanks,

Short answer or hell an essay

Then at least you can get part marks

And BS half the way.

But in multiple choice you're either wrong or right

And when you're partly right you're wrong.

So I'm going back to study some more

Because I've been procrastinating too long.