It's our favorite day of the year, Patriot's Day. The day when everyone gets together to celebrate the opening battles of the American Revolutionary War by doing illegal drugs. If you're partaking in this special holiday, we think you might enjoy some of these videos, pictures and links.

-High Cop Freaks Out, CallsĀ 9-1-1
-Psychadelic Milk
-Guy Photographs Himself Every Day for 17 Years
-High on The Price is Right
-Driving on Salvia
-Parachute Smoke-out gets Busted
-Liquid Metal Art
-Time-Lapse Pot Plant
-Gardening on Salvia
-Magic Hands

-Did you know that there are 10 dimensions? No? Get ready to have your mind blown
-To the Stoner who Works at Cottage Inn Pizza
-Stoner Art
-The Epilepsy Game. So many colors
-Dance Party: the Website
-Crazy Cat Music Video
-It's like a music visualizer you can control
-Math is beautiful as hell

-Holy optical illusions Batman
-I'm not drunk yet, print another one
-Awesome subway graffiti
-After, the smoker got the munchies and ate his friend
-Collegehumor's 420 salute to amazing moms
-Elderly smoking
-Whiteboards are boring
-Try opening a porn site
-More optical illusions to not, not look at high
-What do you see?
-This puts animals sleeping next to beer cans to shame
-Amzanighuh? Yup
-How many legs does the elephant have? As many as he needs to get by
-There's something about this picture that's just awesome
-Another optical illusion to blow your f*cking brain up!
-All those legos are walking, but they're not really going anywhere
-Optical Illusion-o-lantern

And whatever you do, don't watch this video.