The Bursar: A Lament

Whence I awoke one April morn
At my feet I found a letter
For it I read, with hateful scorn
"You bill is due, pay you'd better."

As such I leapt from my sweet bed
To face the bursar, come what may
I heard the rumblings in my head:
"With this I will waste my whole day!"

Outside was rain, I caught a bus
But soon I did a good-bye bade
I saw, ahead, where go I must:
The Office of Financial Aid.

Inside, a line, so dark and dreary,
I stood for hours of precious time.
I reached the clerk and she said, "clearly,
You should stand in another line."

And so I moved across the way
To wait once more, to stand again.
Got to the front and said, "Okay,
I paid my bill, this is a pain!"

The woman sneer'd, she said, "Well, ma'am,"
So what, then, are you doing here?
Now take this form, then you can
Get back in line where you began."

I took the form from her cold hand
Said thank you, and began to write.
I'd just finished when a cruel man
Said, "Ma'am, we must turn out the lights!"

I turned, in awe of such a word.
He said, "Please leave, we close at five."
Dejectedly went to the curb
My form still hanging at my side.

As rain beat down upon my head,
I watched my hopes go down the drain.
I wished as though I were dead
Rather than deal with this again.