Susan Boyle has never been kissed, is 47 and unemployed. And one more thing…she can sing. That was not a typo. If you have not watched the video yet, you will. Your original reaction will be "wow, she is ugly".  Not normal ugly, like seriously heinous looking. But just watch it. It has 25 million views on Youtube. It just got another 10 million while I typed that sentence.  

The experience is so visually unappealing yet sonically beautiful.  Can something be beautiful and ugly at the same time?  No longer opposite ends of a spectrum, it is evident beauty and ugliness can coexist.   A new precedent is set for perseverance and accomplishing your goals in the face of adversity. Susan Boyle showed herself in public, on TV. for heaven's sake, despite being ugly.  

I have never cried tears of joy. I didn't even cry when Obama won the election.  But to see a miracle, to see something so unfathomable is absolutely earth shattering. It's as if a blind man was given the gift of sight and could finally look into the eyes of his daughter.  It's as if a crippled midget with down syndrome won the 100m dash at the Olympics. I will have to watch this video at least another 12 times to fully grasp what the hell is going on. Susan Boyle, thank you for inspiring millions.