Scene: Your freshman year dorm room
Milton: Hey Karl, may I talk to you for a sec?
Karl: (blasting music that can be heard through his headphones, nods to the music)
Milton: KARL!
Karl (shuts off music and rips off the headphones): What do you want?
Milton: We need to talk about your hygiene. It really smells in here, and I'm pretty sure it's you.
Karl: Well I'm sorry that I'm busy working hard all day!
Milton: It's not that hard to shower daily.
Karl: The shower's gross. Way too much hair in the drain.
Milton: You're the one with the hair. You should think about shaving that beard. It looks unprofessional.
Karl: My hair is brown. The hair in the drain is black . . . and curly.
Milton: The market will clean it up.
Karl: You can't expect some higher power to do the work for you! What a bourgeoisie point of view! You have to take control and do the work yourself!
Milton: I don't think I'd want some conglomerate of doltish laborers telling me how to think, in the name of the common man. Hands off my government, please. Bad for markets.
Karl: Just you wait. When the Revolution comes, you and your greedy capitalist ideas will be overthrown.
Milton: Puh-lease! And why did you paint the room red without asking me first? And is that even allowed by housing?
(There is a knock on the door)
Karl: Door's unlocked! Come in!
(It's a cute blonde, holding fliers)
Blonde: Boys, the Campus Crusade for Christ is having an event at the student union at lunchtime tomorrow.
Karl: Religion is the opiate of the masses!
Blonde: There'll be free pizza!
Milton: There's no such thing as a free lunch!