Spencer Pratt of The Hills is not an asshole. He is a loser. There is a difference.

Most guys don't watch The Hills. Some guys watch every episode (not that there's anything wrong with that). Either way, chances are you have rudimentary knowledge of The Hills. Comments are predominantly:

Typical Girl: Spencer is such an asshole.

Calling Spencer an asshole is a terrible judgment of character and insulting to actual assholes. Here are unofficial definitions:

: High in achievement. A dominant personality and physical stature to match, many athletes and skilled musicians fall into the asshole category. Their greatness comes from being good at something. There is no social benefit or incentive for them to be nice, they are liked for their prestige. Many will dabble with assholeniss, but few wield enough social power to pull it off. They have loyal social ties, are fun to be around, and can be arrogant.   They chase girls with a high success rate. 

A loser is shallow, pretentious, egotistical, needy, chauvinistic, effeminate and reprehensible  (acronym being SPENCER). Spencer can't be an asshole because he has no talent. He wields no social power but tries really hard to convince people he is a playboy asshole type. If he wasn't with Heidi, he would have nothing. He is bland. He is ugly. He isn't funny. He is ugly. Being rich doesn't make you an asshole. Having a relationship with a girl just to be on TV makes you a loser. Brody Jenner is beautiful.  

After Ashton Kutcher made waves obtaining more twitter followers than CNN, Spencer challenged Ashton to a twitter contest.  As if competing against CNN is a stepping stone to competing with Spencer, rather than being anticlimactic. Spencer makes Lindsay Lohan look like a fame prude.

Shows like The Hills, The City, The O.C., Laguna Beach etc.  have the premise that place is predictive of people. It is sociologically themed. And I am sure there are plenty of assholes who live in The Hills, but Spencer  Pratt is not one of them. He's just a straight up loser.