I think I'd rather write an essay on 18th Century English Literature than do a self-evaluation. In one of my classes we had to evaluate ourselves based on the "Critical Thinking Attitudes" we discussed in seminar (perserverance, discipline, integrity, confidence, etc). We had to give an example of the various attitudes and illustrate how we used each one over the school year. Had I been a lot more honest and taken the word "illustrate" a little bit differently my self-evaluation would probably have looked something like this:

How I Used "Critical Thinking Attitudes" in the 2008-2009 Academic Year

Attitude #1 Perservance:

Attitude #2 Discipline:

Attitude #3 Integrity


Attitude #4 Confidence

Attitude #5 Accountability

Attitude #6 Creativity

Attitude #7 Fairness

Attitude #8 Risk Taking