This drinking game will be entertaining and fuck you up at the same time.  I cannot take credit for the creation of this game, but I do personally know the man who thought of the idea for this game in its entirety, and we all owe the chugging of a beer to his idea.  Bear with me, and print this out, because there are several rules to remember.

Before the Game:

Arnold is one of the most prestigious drinking games ever invented.  Thus, we ask that you take it seriously and that ALL rules are followed to the best of your ability (a.k.a. alcohol tolerance).

This game requires a drinking hat (any form of headwear).  The only valid substitutes are beer helmets and/or beer belts.  If anyone is wearing either than everyone else must chug a beer before the opening credits are finished. If anyone is wearing Arnold/World's Gym equipment, that person may start waterfalls whenever they choose.

If you have seen the movie before, chug half a beer before the opening credits are finished.  If you haven't, chug a full beer before the credits are done.

Since you will have to piss, one piss break is agreed upon before the movie starts (a.k.a. "The movie started at 9pm, so we're going to take a piss break at 10:05pm) Anyone who leaves other than a scheduled piss break will be subject to the finishing of their beer upon return to the designated drinking area.

Veterans of the game get choice of premium seating.  First-timers are seated usually on the floor.  In the event that there is more than one rookie, a friendly best-out-of-three series of Rock Papers Scissors decides who is "beer bitch", the person who is responsible for disposing of all empties during the game.

If Jesse Ventura plays a character in the movie, drink half a beer because there are two current governors in the movie.

During the Credits:

If Arnold is not the first character shown in the movie, drink for three seconds.

If the opening credits run longer than three minutes, drink three seconds.  Drink three seconds for each additional minute they run over three.

Remember that any pregame drinking must be done before the opening credits are finished.  If the opening credits finish and you haven't done your pregame drinking yet, finish the beer in your hand and pound another immediately.

During the Movie:

First and foremost, integrity is a huge part of the game, otherwise everyone would puke.  Thus, if someone calls a rule out that doesn't occur (a.k.a. a "false alarm"), that person shall drink twice the required amount for the rule that they mistakenly called out.

Anytime Arnold says one of his famous one-liners (a.k.a. "Who AAHHH you?" or "Get to the CHOPPAHHH!!") drink for three seconds.

In addition to the previous rule, if Arnold says, "I'll be back", finish your beer.  If someone calls it out while he says it, that person starts back-to-back waterfall sessions.

Anytime someone calls out another one-liner as Arnold (and ONLY Arnold) says it, they start a waterfall session.

Anytime Arnold screams or yells or moans in agony, drink three seconds.

If there is an Arnold pec-shot, drink three seconds (valid only if the nipple is visible).  If his ass is visible, don't call it, just drink.

Anytime Arnold hits, kicks, chokes, maims, or kills anyone in any manner, drink for three seconds.

If Arnold is restrained, choked, or tied down in any way, drink three seconds.  The same goes if he is drugged involuntarily.

Anytime Arnold makes a reference to Sara Connor, drink three seconds.

If Arnold is drinking, drink with him.  If he is smoking (cigar, joint, or anything) drink to celebrate his unhealthiness.

If Arnold gets laid within the first half hour of the movie, take a weed break.  If he doesn't get laid within the first half hour, the first person to notice it should call it to attention and designate someone to finish their beer.

If Arnold steals a vehicle, or is driving a vehicle other than a regular car, SUV, or truck (a.k.a. if he is driving a motorcycle or semi) drink for three seconds.

If someone fucks with Arnold's family, get pissed off and finish your beer.

Anytime there is an explosion, drink for five seconds.

If Arnold is shot, drink for three seconds.  If he is shot more than once in the same scene, drink five seconds.  If he is shot and is not physically phased or harmed, finish your beer.

Ahhh, the golden rule.  If Arnold kills ten or more people in the same scene (repeat; the same scene, mind you) the first person to yell "GET TO THE CHOPPAHH!!" shall designate someone to either finish their beer or drink for ten seconds while the person who noticed it counts, whichever comes first.

Miscellaneous Rules

If one of the major characters in non-human (i.e. alien), drink for three seconds.

Anytime Arnold puts on sunglasses drink for three seconds.

Anytime Arnold makes a joke about his accent, drink for three seconds.

Anytime Arnold says the word girly drink for three seconds.

Anytime Arnold uses the suffix inator drink for three seconds.

If Arnold has a "gear-up" scene, drink half a beer to gear up with him.

Anytime Arnold checks out a girl, drink three seconds.  Anytime he kisses a girl, drink six seconds because that shit aint right.

Anytime Arnold feeds a baby deer, drink three seconds.

Anytime you hear or see the words "Kuato Lives" drink three seconds.

If Arnold mentions California (or any county, city, or part of California) drink for three seconds.

Anytime really good 80's music comes on, drink three seconds.

If anyone is wearing Spandex, drink for three seconds.

Anytime the scene changes to a mall, airport, or train/bus station, drink for three seconds.

At the end of the movie, if a) Arnold is the hero, b) kissing a girl, or c) carrying someone either over his shoulder or in his arms, finish your beer.

If at anytime during the movie you stop and realize that this guy is the governor of California and could at anytime be speaking at a large public convention, announce it to the group so they can all drink three seconds.  They'll trust you.

Thanks for sticking with it through all these rules.  I would recommend playing with beer and beer only, otherwise you will get very sick.  This game is not for the weak-stomached, and it is important to note that you will consume a shitload of alcohol in a short period of time, so be ready.  It is also advised that you not pregame in any way for this game.  Nonetheless, this game is fun and will get you seriously FUCKED UP.  Enjoy.  Courtesy of my good friend Mike Jones.