College is a special time in a person's life. It's a time when they're poor for four-ish years. That poverty breeds innovation. When the Wright brothers couldn't afford to have functional wings attached to their body with surgery, they invented airplanes. Similarly, anything you can't afford in college can be built out of old beer bottles and stolen school property. Here are five examples of the best college inventions. And if this gets your creative juices flowing, test your inventing capabilitites by creating a Red Bull soapbox racer.

#5 The Baja Blast Back Pack

Baja Blast is a special kind of Mountain Dew only available at Taco Bell. These guys built a back pack for stealing it. If you put any other kind of soda in it, it explodes. The only thing keeping them from a Nobel Prize is a contraption that keeps it from going flat.

#4 Home-made Beer Container Hot Tub
[picture:1827743|size=full|border=1|align=center]Most people spend thousands of dollars for a hot tub. These guys made one out of garbage. If you don't think that's impressive, you go and try to make a 500-gallon, water-tight container out of beer cases. You can't.

#3 Multi-Purpose Pizza Box

Pizza is the best. While we were all sitting around thinking of new toppings to add to the cheese-a-licious food, these guys found a way to improve the over-all pizza experience. Don't have plates? No problem. Can't finish your pizza? Why not? You should finish it. OK, you really can't? I don't respect you, but this box has got you covered again. It doubles as a leftover-pizza storage device.

#2 Fake Room Door Thing
[picture:1613180|size=full|border=1|align=center]Is the door open? Is it closed? Who knows? Anyone who bothers to go in for a closer look would know, but they'd still be impressed as hell. Whiteboards are for chumps.

#1 The Amazing Beer-Launching Mini Fridge

A beer-launching mini fridge. Let that sink in for a minute. It makes beer cold AND it shoots pressurized cans with deadly accuracy. You never have to get off the couch to get a beer. You just shoot one at yourself. Then, once you're drunk, you can start destroying things with beer missiles. That's what's called "multi-purpose."