When I found out there was going to be a 3rd Toy Story, my first thoughts were, what's it going to be about? Andy going to college and not being able to get laid? Yes. That's exactly what it's about.

College girl: I am soooo wasted!
Andy: Uh, yeah me too.
College girl: OooOh, I LIKE your bed!
Andy: Me too, it's blue-green. That's my favorite color and a real rare find. Green-blue's rather common on the other hand.
College girl: Let's test it out!
Andy: Sure!
College girl and Andy begin kissing passionately and taking each other's clothes off.
Andy: This is great!
College girl: I know! You're not….Hey! Is that an ASTRONAUT watching us with a pair of binoculars!!?
Andy: What?! No! NO, they're just toys they're not doing anything! BUZZ! LENNY! Get the hell out of here!
College girl: If they're just toys then why are you talking to them?
Andy: Umm, I'm not, I have terrets. Buzz! Lenny! Damn! Lenny! Ass! It's a terrible disorder.
College girl: Well it's not contagious, is it?
Andy: What? Oh, no, don't worry about it.
College girl: Ok, good.
Andy: So where were we?
College girl: HEY! Is your cowboy doll drawing us having sex on the etch a sketch!?
Andy: Huh?! No! Get the hell out of here, Woody, beat it!
College girl: Okay, that's it, we're done here.
Andy: No don't say that! Stay, baby!
Rex: I'm scared, could I sleep with you guys?
College girl: We're done!
Andy: No! He didn't mean it like that! Come back! DAMMIT! You guys couldn't stay on the shelf for 30 freaking minutes!?
Mrs. Potatohead: Do you want your angr…
Andy: NO! I don't want my DAMN angry eyes!
College girl: Have fun with your little toys, Andy, I'm out of here. No wonder you're a virgin.
College girl leaves.
Andy: No! Come back!..Wait, how did you know I was a virgin!? Waiiit! How did you know I was a virgin!?