Back to the Future

If you had a time machine what would you do with it? Visit the dinosaurs? Yeah, that's right, because that's what you do with a time machine. The Wild West? Really, guys? Nobody has cared about the Wild West since it was Won. Marty could have fallen in love with some prehistoric mammal, threatening the time-space continuum. They could go back to the future by installing a flux capacitor port in the underbelly of an Allosaurus. I really don't care. Just give me some damn dinosaurs.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

We're already a long, long time ago and far away. So why not add a T-Rex or two? Let's compare and contrast here, shall we? Yeah, an evil Sith Lord has the force and all but could it eat a Jedi whole? Well, okay maybe, but it wouldn't be as AWESOME.

Anakin: Help, Master Obi-Wan! Master Yoda! Help me!
Obi-Wan: Sorry, young apprentice. Not until you quit being so damn pretty.
Yoda: A whiny bitch you are, Anakin. Help you we cannot.
Anakin: [Eaten alive]

Not convinced yet? Just think- Jar-Jar could be next.

The Passion of the Christ

Let He who is without sin… RIDE THE FIRST MOTHERF*IN' DINOSAUR!!!

'Nuff said.