@ MCDs

Jake: What are you getting Amir?

Amir: NUGGETS DUH! (to server) Can I get 50 nuggets please?

Server: We don't have an order of 50 nuggets, but I can give you 5 sets of 10 nuggets sir.

Amir: No, that would be so many nuggets then.

Jake: rolls eyes

Server: Um… It's the same.

Amir: Not it isn't! You think I don't know? 5 times 10 is math I can't even do, therefore its too much.

Jake: Amir, it's the same as 50 nuggets, just get 5 sets of 10 nuggets.

Server: Can you please step¡side·hile you figure out what to order so I can take the next customer?

Amir: NO!!! That's budding!!!

Jake: Amir, step aside man! You're not even read to order.

Amir: FINE! Just because you are my best friend and I respect you.

Jake: I'm not… never mind.

Amir: So I want 50 nuggets, not 5 boxes of 10s.

Jake: It's the fucking same!!!

Amir: NO IT ISNT'T!!!

Jake: UGH… Stay here, let me see what I can do. (Walks toward server) Can you please do me a favour and just put 50 nuggets in a box but charge him 5 boxes of 10 nuggets please?

Server: Uh… Okay then…

Jake: Thank you. Hey Amir, I got you a customized order of 50 nuggets!

Amir: (Walks toward Jake) Thank you best friend.

Jake: (Rolls eyes) UGH

Server: (Screen says "10 nuggets x 5 ¤33.75") That would be $33.75 sir.

Amir: (About to hand money to server…) Wait, how come it says 10 nuggets x 5?

Jake: Just give him the fucking money!

Amir: NO! I don't want to get ripped off.

Jake: UGH!!!

Amir: I'll give you $50 if you can convince the server to give me 50 pieces of nuggets.

Jake: What?!? Okay…. (Whispers to Server) Don't type it on the thing, i'll just give you $33.75 and it'll be cool.