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Stanley Rhein, inventor of Mad Libs died today. He was seventy-poop years old.
-Amir B.
If life were more like hockey, a horn would sound at the end of a girl's period.
-Chris Richman
Meta-TV Pitches
The Producer- A competitive reality show in which contestants compete in challenges for the right to create a competitive reality show.
The Awardys- An award show where the Awardy Awards are awarded.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip- An overrated show about people creating an overrated show.
-Jeff Rubin
Great Thing to Say When You're Having Sex
"This Just In: My Dick"
-Streeter Seidell
The Making of "Code Name: The Cleaner"
Writer 1 – Yo man that script is due tomorrow.
Writer 2 – Shit, are you serious?
-Tom Sunnergren
Failed Attempts At Euphemisms
"We fucked… in the Biblical sense."
-Dan Gurewitch
Guns don't kill people. Knives kill people.
-Patrick Cassels
My father always told me "never give up" but I didn't listen so he stopped.
-Alexander Branson
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