Alright, fess up. Which one of you sold your soul to the devil? Because this week Megan Fox told Esquire magazine that she is bisexual, and that is definitely a college guy/Satan collaboration. Nicely done, Dark Lord and…Blake. (Egotastic)

Well, it can only go down from here. OR CAN IT!?

Spring is in the air this week, and nudity is all the rage. First up is Rihanna, whose hot camera phone photoshoot leaked this week. Move over, Van Gogh, there's a new self portrait artist in town. No, not Frida Kahlo. Close. (WWTDD)

Also talking nudity this week was Disney good girl Vanessa Hudgens, who told E! that she'd go naked in a film if 'that's what it call[ed] for.' You know, like when her bedroom called for it back in 2007. (that last one is majorly NSFW) (Popoholic, Pop Crunch)

Maxim fanned the flames of spring fever this week with the release of their annual Maxim's Hot 100 List, which was topped by…Olivia Wilde? I mean, I guess? You guys did hear that Megan Fox is bisexual, right? Just checking. (Maxim)

And it just keeps on coming! I don't know who this person is and her name sounds like a drunk law firm, but Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace brought the term 'nip slip' to a whole new level this week. (Egotastic)

Not to be outdone by someone who sounds like a stripper pharmaceutical company, Natalie Portman matched that nip slip and raised it an entire ass flash. Point, Portman. Your move, Sleep Aid Insurance-Provider. (Egotastic, WWTDD)

Police investigating a burglar alarm at Lindsay Lohan's house this week arrived to find the place completely ransacked. But not from the burglars, that's just how Lindsay lives. Its a design asthetic she calls 'Rich Hobo.' (WWTDD)

Amy Winehouse started her comeback tour off with a bang in St. Lucia this week, stumbling through her songs and falling on her ass. The shocked crowd booed her offstage, because apparently none of them have the internet. (Derekhail)

This week, news broke that Kiefer Sutherland may face jail time for last week's party trick, where he (naturally) headbutted some designer for pushing Brooke Shields. Well, its official. When Kiefer drinks, he becomes Jack Bauer. Like The Hulk, but not lame. (IDLYITW)

Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement speech at Duke this week, telling students that 'it's great to have a private jet.' Then she excitedly told them all to look under their chairs, because, well, she had lost the keys to her jet so could you all spread out and help her find them? (Celebslam)

Cleave of the week! This week's mam award goes to Adriana Lima, whose entire existence I'm pretty sure is another Blake/Dark Lord collab. You two are on a roll. (Hollywood Tuna)

This week, Paris Hilton threw herself a housewarming party that went until 4am, and after her new neighbors called the cops to complain about the noise, they woke up to find their cars egged and keyed. Man. Paris should really stop inviting high school freshmen on Mischief Night to these things. (Celebslam)

And finally, this week's Still Got It. Jessica Simpson's Buddha belly and Lindsay Lohan's new little boy body were both runners up this week, but Jamie Lee Curtis' self-inflicted Freaky Friday outfit pulled off the big W. JLC, you SGI. (Hollywood Tuna, Celebslam, IDLYITW)