So today I was in my car listening to the radio. The song"Glamorous" By Fergie came on. FIRSTLY who is this song for? The first line of the song is " If you aint got no money take your broke ass home!" Doesn't she know that we are in a recession? Then Fergie then discuss how glamorous her life is. I can barely afford coach class on the airplane to get to school and she is partying it up in first class. I was about to turn off my radio but she consoled me by discussing how she is one of usliving the normal life…..with her mustang!  I wish I had one of those…  And then to top it off the guy comes back telling me to take my broke ass home. I barely have enough money to get gas let alone the FLOSSYFLOSSY!   I then turned the radio off in a fit of rage.
    So now I'm upset. I had to find a way to console myself. I went out and purchased some designer sunglasses and any expensive items. I blew my entire savings today. And of course I bought some flossy flossy. Unemployment rate is at highest it's ever been in this country and I'm beingtold on the radio that if my economic status isn't high enough I need to go home.        : (