A couple weeks ago we asked all of you to vote in a poll to choose the new state license plate for the state of Nebraska. The results are in. We won.

This isn't a victory for Collegehumor. This is a victory for all of us. Together we pranked the entire automobile-owning population of Nebraska. Congratulations.

The state government claims that our votes weren't counted, but it's pretty clear that no one would vote for that power-point-presentation worthy design because they liked it. They also claim that Collegehumor votes came in evenly over all the choices. We ruin a lot of polls in the hotlinks section. They usually display the results, and I can assure you that, that never happens.

Thanks to Jack and John in the Morning for alerting us of our victory. I'll be on their radio show at 7:15 central time fielding questions if any of you live in Nebraska and wake up that early.